Cheaper Google Nexus 5 deals on Contract!

Till now, we all know that the price of Google Nexus 5 is 299 USD only. This is a groundbreaking reality in itself, thanks to the top features and specs being planned by the search engine giant for the smartphone. However, how good will it be, if the device can be bought at an even discounted price?

Well, yes, that will be possible with Nexus 5 contract deals now. The latest news from the top Chinese website suggests that the Nexus phone will be available at cheaper deals with network carriers like Verizon, Sprint and T Mobile. All the 3 networks are known for their high-end networks and mobile services. However, the you will now be able to have the deadly combo of Nexus 5 smartphone + a top network career for just under 100 USD.

Cheaper Google Nexus 5 deals on Contract!

$100 is a price, which can’t be a problem for anyone. Well, a single party we throw on our anniversary is more costly than this. So, it will further reduce the load on your pocket, so you can now afford to buy the Nexus 5 accessories and cases with the remaining amount. Google always think of its users, as we already know through its search engine algos which are reader-friendly. So, it has followed the same trend this time with its next Nexus smartphone as well!

So, when is the Nexus 5 coming out? It is now an easy question to answer, thanks to the huge debate going around it on the website since long. It will release in the month of October (probably the second week of it), and the preorders along with contract will be available as early as mid-September. So tighten your excitement belts, as the phone is bound to thrill you with its ultimate specs and features.

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