Is Nexus 5 the Device in Leaked Videos and In Photos?

From the day that the Nexus 5 rumors started, fans everywhere have wondered about what type smartphone the next Google Nexus iteration will be and about the features Google will offer. From the “accidental” Google video goof-up to the FCC filings, there has not been a single day that’s gone by without a rumor or two surfacing with “proof” to back it up.

Truth be told, until Google makes an official announcement, there will be no “confirmed” anything – but it’s still fun to guess!

First Google Goof-up

It started with the Google video leak on YouTube that depicted a Google employee showing off the newest Android iteration while using a black matte smartphone with the LG logo on it and the Nexus name.

Google Nexus 5 Leak

Credit: The Verge

While this video might sound innocuous, the rumors began because the phone that showed up in the video does not exist – never has and still doesn’t – at least not officially, anyway. It’s also never appeared in any of the concept photos released by any tech expert, either.

In the video, the employee was showing off the newest Android iteration, 4.4, which is now officially known as Kit-Kat – and yes, Google did team up with Nestle to use the popular candy name. Because the video was an official promotional video for the mobile operating system, so it seems pretty suspicious that Google would “accidentally” use the as yet unannounced super-secret smartphone to show off the OS.

This first video combined with the previously leaked FCC photos of a device that looks shockingly similar to the phone in the video prompted a few reporters to start asking questions. That was when a reporter from the Verge finally asked the right company – Google and LG – the right questions.

LG gave an official response saying the company had no official response and Google, instead of issuing a non-statement,  did something even more telling than an “accidental leak.” Google pulled the video and offered nothing official about the phone. You can still view it at The Verge here, though.

FCC Photo Leak

At about the same time that Google pulled the video, the FCC approved a device that showed it was being tested on seven different LTE networks. The photos connected with the newly approved device were leaked.

Nexus 5 FCC photo leak

Credit: Engadget

They were quickly attributed to the Google Nexus 5, since it looked exactly like the mystery phone that appeared in the pulled video:

  • It contains the LG brand logo
  • It’s body is made from the black matte material
  • It has camera openings in the same spot and of the same size

Everything about the FCC photos point to that mystery device being the upcoming and as yet to be announced Google Nexus 5.

Newest Google Goof-up

Remember when the iPhone 4 was leaked via an employee leaving it behind at a bar? Well, apparently, a Google employee left behind a device at a bar that makers of the latest “leak” video are claiming is the Nexus 5.

Leaked Nexus 5 photos

Credit: BGR

From the photos that were released (leaked) to the public of the device that the bar hopper found laying there, it appears to be the same device that appeared in the Google video and the FCC leaked photos.

Only time will tell if these rumors are correct, but for now we have to agree that it appears that the Nexus 5 is on its way, and that it is every bit as beautiful as they claim it to be.

What do you think about the leaks? Are they on purpose or true accidents? Let us know below!

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