Video: Nexus 6P ‘Bend Test’

bend test gone wrong, Nexus 6PThe Nexus 6P has been out for less than a month and people are already trying to bend and break it. In fact, one user uploaded a video to YouTube in which he bends Google’s latest smartphone enough to crack it open. While we don’t condone breaking your Nexus 6P (for obvious reasons), it’s a still an interesting video to watch to nonetheless.

YouTube user JerryRigEverything uploaded the video to his YouTube account on October 29, 2015 (see below). According to the commentary, he initially wanted to test the durability of Google’s new smartphone — something that’s fairly common among YouTube users. JerryRigEverything began by scratching the surface with varying degrees of hardness to determine how much force it requires to actually scratch it. The Nexus 6P contains an oleophobic coating on its OLED display that protects it against scratches and other forms of damage. But like all things, the Nexus 6P can and WILL scratch under enough pressure, which JerryRigEverything demonstrates in his controversial new video.

Not surprisingly, the Nexus 6P holds up pretty well under the unnatural stress that JerryRigEverything puts it through. It’s not until he applies a razor blade to the lens cover and an open flame to the display before things begin to turn south. Once the Nexus 6P had been exposed to fire, it bends relatively easy, almost breaking into two separate pieces. JerryRigEverything even goes on to say that “My litter sister could have bent it.

Some YouTubers have responded to the video in disbelief, saying the Nexus 6P is cheaply made and prone to breakage. However, you have to remember that it only began to bend and break after JerryRigEverything applied the flame to it. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the high heat caused certain changes that allowed the handset to bend more easily.

Just because the Nexus 6P was able to bend in the video doesn’t necessarily mean that it is cheap. On the contrary, I’m sure most (if not all) smartphones would bend under the same conditions. When you put enough pressure and stress on a device, regardless of whether or not it has the Google name, chances are it’s going to bend.

Video: The Nexus 6p is a Joke! Bend Test – Scratch Test – Burn Test

You can check out the Nexus 6P Bend Test by clicking the play button above. The roughly 4-minute long video shows the handset going through a number of different tests. But it’s until an open flame is applied to the Nexus 6P that it actually bends and breaks. Of course, we don’t recommend attempting this test with your handset unless you are willing to void the warranty (Google isn’t going to accepted your handset if you break it by bending it).

What do you think of the Nexus 6P Bend Test? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Video: Nexus 6 'Bend Test'
Users sometimes like to take videos of devices being destroyed, and the Nexus 6P is no exception. The smartphone holds up pretty well until heat is applied to it in this video.

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