UPDATE: Google Nexus 5 Release Date

The Buzz: Google Nexus 5

Now that the iPhone has been dethroned as the killer device in the smart phone market, handset producers have engaged in an all-out war for the crown of the mobile industry. Google has long been in the mix as their Android operating system is currently the most popular and their Nexus headsets have proved to be best sellers. The technology world has been eagerly awaiting news about Google’s newest piece of hardware, the Google Nexus 5, and at long last some information has been revealed.

Release Date Confirmed?

Multiple reports are stating that the release date of the Google Nexus 5, along with Google’s new Kit Kat Android operating system, Google’s first OS with a proper noun for a name, is October 14. Despite what one may suppose, Google has vehemently denied speculation that Nestle paid for the endorsement rights to Kit Kat and instead posit that it was a move made purely out of respect for the popular candy bar. The information currently available about the device has all originated from leaked FCC documents and that information includes technical specifications for the handset and a tentative release date in October. According to the papers, the Nexus 5 will be produced by LG, the producer of the popular Nexus 4, and will have a 5 inch screen, a Snapdragon 800 processor and a 2400 mah battery (compared to the iPhone 5’s 1440 mah). There are a myriad of other rumors swirling about, including a model of the Google Nexus 5 with a bigger screen (6 inches) as well as a more powerful processor with more RAM and more storage space. Of course, these rumors are unsubstantiated and the only guaranteed information is that derived from the FCC papers. With the new Google Nexus 5 release date being only a month away, we can rest easy knowing all the details will be revealed soon.

Android Kit Kat

As for the Kit Kat OS, which will allegedly be launching on the same day as the new Google Nexus 5 release date (October 14th), details have been relatively sparse other than that the new OS will increase compatibility amongst other Android phones and allow the devices to connect with other high-tech gadgets such as fridges, cars, and other home appliances.

While the world holds their breath in anticipation, many wonder if it will be as lackluster as Apple’s recent reveal of the next version of the seemingly unchanged iPhone.

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