Leaked Nexus 5 Video & Release Date Tuesday, October 15

The latest information about the Nexus 5 is slightly worrisome…According to BGR, the Nexus 5 will finally make its debut on Tuesday (yes, we mean tomorrow) though if it does, Google will release it without the usual fanfare that comes with a brand new “flagship” device. While BGR says it is probably because everything anyone could want to know about the smartphone is already known, Google has yet to confirm anything regarding the phone to date, which what is worrisome.

Nexus 5 hands on via BGR

Credit: BGR

Sure, it is possible that the Nexus 5 will be as good as the rumors have said it will be, but in our experience, any device that’s not announced – meaning any company that doesn’t hype up the fans – usually has a reason for not wanting to draw attention to the release. If this is the case, then what could that reason be?

To start, Google has not confirmed anything about the device, and has yet to even confirm the existence of a Nexus 5, let alone any features or a release date. However that has not stopped the rumor mill from running at full speed, and the “leaked” photos and videos have egged on the mill even more.

On the other hand, there’s a new “leaked” video that we were made aware of today – and you can see that video here. This video is obviously a really, really old video because the mobile operating system it details is obviously Android’s Kit Kat mobile OS, but it is a much, much older version of it in the video – the version that Android called “Key Lime Pie,” before Nestle and Android signed their deal to name it Kit Kat.

This video walks through all of the features that the Nexus 5 will allegedly offer, so could this be why there’s no Google announcement for tomorrow’s big release?

Since there has been no confirmation of the Nexus 5, that coupled with no release date announcement tells us there is probably a problem. There is really no telling what exactly the Nexus 5 will look like or what type of features it will offer its loyal users.

Everyone knows that Google has never been very good with the hardware development part of the business, and to date, a number of the Nexus phones have failed miserably – the first was pulled before six months on the shelves. Considering this previous performance, we fear that it is possible that the lackluster fanfare for the device could signal a lackluster device, if it even exists.

That said, could it be that after all the rumors, leaked videos and fan hype that Google didn’t want to disappoint fans by overhyping a device that could actually be nothing to write home about? We can only wait and see.

If Google releases the Nexus 5 tomorrow without the announcement, then we fear the worst, but we’re still hoping for the best.

What  do you think about a release without an announcement? Let us know in the comments below!

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