New Nexus 5 & Android Kit Kat Photo Leak

With such an interesting Nexus 5 rumor to tell you about, let’s dispense with the pleasantries for now, shall we?

Once again, an alleged photo leak is showing off the Nexus 5, and this time with a “confirmed” photo of the  Google Android Kit Kat mobile operating system installed. We say “confirmed” because it’s looking more likely every day that Nexus 5 will in fact sport the Android 4.4 release instead of Jelly Bean, as previous rumors and timelines suggested.

New Android Photos with OS Tweaks

In any case,, an Italian language website, claims that they’ve received a ton of new Nexus 5 photos.. also says that the mobile operating system we’re seeing in the photo is the new Kit Kat OS by Android, although there’s no way to back up the clams.

The site has published the photos, however, and they appear just like the last leaked photos of Kit Kat do, which just happened to be from another unannounced smartphone, the Galaxy S5. Both mobile operating system background color schemes appear to be quite similar.

According to CNet, Nexus 5 with Kit Kat will also feature voice search that’s been tweaked for the better, a band new shortcut for the camera via the lock screen, and image stabilization for the actual camera, not to mention a revamped app drawer.

According to Gadget Help Line via CNet, which leaked a huge round a photos before TuttoAndroid did, Kit Kat will feature updates to wireless support capabilities not to mention a change in the way that the billing plan settings, payment and printing options are used.  Specifically, the photos show that users can “pay with a tap,” and this will likely be possible with the help of Google Wallet.

Last Week’s Leak

The leak from Gadget Help Line featured the older name, Key Lime Pie, which Google used before the Kit Kat deal went through.

As we told you previously, Kit Kat is the result of a deal between Android and nestle for use of the name, and the new Android logo is a chocolate one reminiscent of the Kit Kat candy bar. Also in previous reports, we told you about a potential feature lineup, which included support for most of the features mentioned in the two above photo leaks.

Of course we’ve got to wonder if the two leaks aren’t showing off the same photos, but even if they are, the fact that they are here so close to the expected end of October release date makes us think that they (the photos) and specified tweaked features are for real.

You can get a look of the photos leaked at the TuttoAndroid website.

After you do, let us know what you think about whether they are real or not. Tell us in the comments below!

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