Photo Reveals What The New Nexus 5 May Look Like

Nexus 5 2015 back coverThe image depicted to the right may look like an ordinary smartphone case, but rumors indicate that it was designed exclusively for Google’s upcoming Nexus 5 smartphone. Assuming this information is correct, it could reveal some key facts about the Mountain View company’s highly secretive handset.

Twitter user @OnLeaks first tweeted the image, asking “Anyone who wants to see #LG’s new #NEXUS Phone drawing (backside), even if it’s very raw material ?…” It’s not the first time a Twitter user has tweeted leaked photos/design elements of new smartphones, nor will it be the last. Nine out of ten times, however, these photos tend to be false, with someone either designing them based on concept images, or the smartphone manufacturer deciding to take a different route. In any case, this photo appears to be the real deal, showing how the backside of the new Nexus 5 will look.

@OnLeaks claims the photo was taken by a case maker for the new Nexus 5. It’s not uncommon for smartphone manufacturers to provide design schematics to case makers so they can have cases ready for sale at the time of launch. If smartphone manufacturers waited until their device was launched to provide this information, users would have limited choices regarding protective cases. Whether or not this photo truly came from a Nexus 5 case maker is open for debate, but it’s certainly raising some eyebrows in the mobile industry.

FYI, this drawing was made by a case maker based on very early information. So keep in mind things could change until official launch… ;),”wrote Twitter user @OnLeaks soon after tweeting the image. He added that the photo depicts the Nexus 5’s form factor, main camera, flash, logo or fingerprint sensor, and hardware key placement. The top middle circle is most likely the camera, whereas the circular cutout next to it is probably the flash, and underneath could be the fingerprint sensor. This is pure speculation at this point, as we won’t have any concrete information on the Nexus 5 until Google officially announces it.

Even in the midst of heavy media coverage, Google has remained silent on its Nexus 5 reboot, neither confirming nor denying rumors of its existence. This has only added fuel to the fire, though, leaving many people to question what kind of specs the device will feature and when it will be launched. Current rumors suggest that Google is releasing not one but two different Nexus 5 devices. The first Nexus 5 will be manufactured by Huawei, featuring a larger screen size and slightly bigger battery. The second Nexus 5 is rumored to be manufactured by LG, featuring a smaller screen size and battery.

So, when will the new Nexus 5 — or should I say Nexus 5s — be released? Rumors indicate the most likely launch date for these devices will be October-November of this year.

Do you plan on buying the new Nexus 5 once it’s released? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Article Name
Photo Reveals What The New Nexus 5 May Look Like
A leaked photo depicting the back of the much anticipated 2015 Nexus 5 has many wondering if it's a legit image.

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