Wait, Nexus 5 coming Earlier? | Release Date 2013 Changed

The news sources earlier reported that the Nexus 5 is going to come huge in the month of October, but we were never sure about its release date. The recent buzz in analysts’ mind has made it clear that Google can release the smartphone much earlier than our expectations. Are you thinking when? Well, it can be as early as September first week, 2013.  So, you need to spare some cash for this ultimate device now, as we never know when it is going to release actually…

Nexus 5 release date

The best thing about the Nexus 5 coming earlier could be that it will get lesser competition from other smartphones. For instance, Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 can come anytime in the year 2014, so they will be some of the rivals Google has to take note of. However, if Google releases Nexus 5 earlier, it doesn’t need to face the huge competition.

We want to inform you here that the smartphone is coming in a price as low as 299 USD. So, anyways Google has fixed its spot in the race of affordable smartphones. However, now the demand is rising and people are looking for something more in their phones, which is why the best features and specs have been chosen for next Nexus. Best battery specs, affordable price, high quality camera and much more – users will be invited for a treat surely.

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