Update: Newest Nexus 5 Price & Specs Rumors

According to the newest rumors that have made their way through the mill of late, the Nexus 5 weill sport an attractive price that mainstream media is calling much cheaper than anyone would hve expected considering its specifications are similar to, if not better than, those of the newest iPhone, the 5S.

CNet, via MacRumors Forum, says that Google’s newest Nexus smartphone will not only sport a better price than the iPhone 5S, but it will sport features that are at least as good as, if not better than Apple’s newest heir to the iPhone line, the 5S. The rumors also say that the smartphone will be released towards the middle or the end of October.

Potential Price Decrease?

According to TechRadar, though there’s been no actual confirmation of price – or of the phone itself from Google but that’s another issue – a “source close to the issue” said that the Nexus 5 will cost “half the price” of the newest iPhone, even though its tech specifications will at least be equal to those of the new iPhone.

Could it really be true?

Well, considering that the nexus 5 will feature Android’s newest iteration, Kit-Kat, which resulted from a cooperative project with Nestle, we think it very well could be possible. Though it is true that companies using the Android logo and mobile OS have to pay a licensing fee, they have to pay that fee to Google. Since Google is putting out the Smartphone, the company obviously will not be paying a licensing fee to itself – which means a lower price for the device is called for.

On that fact alone, logic would dictate that any phone released by Google should be cheaper than  any other device featuring Android, let alone on the market.

Then, of course, you should consider the historical data concerning previously released devices featuring Android of any iteration and from any device manufacturer. Each of these companies must pay the licensing fees to Google, and even though they do, they typically release their devices at a much cheaper price than any Apple device could ever dream of costing.

That’s a fact. So if you combine the fact that Google doesn’t have to pay itself a licensing fee with the fact that Android devices typically release with a cheaper price tag than any other devices, logic would dictate that the Nexus 5 could in fact be cheaper than the iPhone as CNet says.

But one question remains…

Just how cheap are we talking? And will the Nexus 5 sacrifice any features for the lower price point?

The Real Deal

Well, again, according to CNet, media is saying that it’ll cost about half the price of an iPhone. The mainstream media is also saying that the source that is giving them the information is referencing U.K. prices – not prices here in America. If the source is indeed referencing prices in America,  CNet estimates that the device would cost $350 or less for an unlocked Nexus 5.

Now that’s pushing it – not that we’re complaining or anything…  Here’s to hoping these particular rumors are true.

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