Wired Headset Microphone Inaudible on Nexus 5

Nexus 5 Owners Users Screaming for Refunds

Today we’ve got some interesting information for you concerning the Nexus 5 and its microphone volume.

If you have a wired headset you are probably already aware of this info, but we thought we’d mention it anyway.

It’s a big deal, since there are obviously a lot of people who make phone calls using wired headsets, though we can’t imagine why what with all the wireless available.

Recipients of Nexus 5 Calls Can’t Hear Caller 

According to Information Week, a number of Nexus 5 users have been having problems hearing people while talking on the phone. According to the report, Nexus 5 owners have flooded Google’s product forums “with complaints about the microphone output being extremely low when using most wired headsets.”

The report goes on to say the complaints specify that it’s not just a case of the volume being too low. The problem is that when the Nexus 5 owner speaks into the phone on a call, the person on the other end cannot hear them talking at all.

The person’s voice is not just low, but it is completely inaudible, the Google Product Forums reports are saying.

Wired Headsets Not Working Right

Nexus 5 official imageThere are at minimum 130 complaints, and most  state that the wired headsets have the problems, not wireless or Bluetooth headsets.

In fact, the author of the Information Week Report stated that he too attempted to call someone with a Nexus 5, and having tried a number of different headsets, he found that the only two that worked right including, “An old set of Samsung ear buds and a Turtle Beach over-the-ear headset with boom mic.”

He then went on to test whether the bug was “system wide and not unique to the Android Kit Kat OS’s phone app.” He states that he found that the bug apparently affects Android’s auto calibration because when he used the Smart Voice Recorder application for Android, the app allowed him to calibrate the sound levels, which allowed him to hear well using the other devices.

He added that, “Headsets that fail on the Nexus 5 work fine recording audio on a Nexus 10 tablet running Android 4.3.”

Potential Work Around

Some Google Product Forum users suggested a work around until Google can fix the issue. Hold down the middle button on the headset while you plug the jack in and it should connect to the proper jack connection. See more about it here.

A support representative from Google noted in the forum that they were able to successfully replicate the issue, and acknowledged that it does exist.

To that end, that means Google is working on a fix, which should be released with an upcoming software update. However, some people are wondering whether they should return their Nexus 5 devices, or wait. While some have successfully returned them, if you can hold out for a patch, then it will definitely be worth the wait since the Nexus 5 is so much better than the Nexus 4.

Does anyone use wired headsets anymore?

Are you using a wireless or wired headset? Are you having the problem described? Let us know in the comments!

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