How To Add Widgets To The Nexus 5 Lock Screen

google-nexus-5-01Wouldn’t it be cool if you could add widgets to your Nexus 5 lock screen? Most people assume that widgets can only be added to the home screen, but this isn’t necessarily true. In just a few quick and easy steps, you can customize your Nexus 5 device to display widgets on the lock screen.

So, why would anyone want to display widgets on the lock screen? This feature opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the Nexus 5. With widgets being displayed directly on the lock screen, you can check the time, weather, notifications, email, etc., without being forced to unlock your device.

Are Widgets The Same as Apps?

It’s important to note that widgets aren’t apps. Instead, they are miniature, slimmed-down versions of apps that automatically display information. There’s no need to manually open a widget each time you want to use it, as widgets automatically display their respective information — either on the home screen or lock screen.

How To Enable Lock Screen Widgets

To enable lock screen widgets, open your Nexus 5’s Settings > Personal > Security > and tap the box labeled “Enable widgets.” This will allow you to add widgets directly to the lock screen. And should you ever wish to remove this feature, simply follow the steps previously mentioned and uncheck the box labeled “Enable widgets.”

How To Add Widgets To The Lock Screen

After enabling lock screen widgets, you are free to go ahead and add the desired widgets to your home screen. Go to the lock screen by either pressing the button on your Nexus 5 or waiting for it to go into sleep mode. Next, swipe your finger left to right on the lock screen. If there are no widgets currently on the lock screen (there shouldn’t be), you’ll see a new screen with the + icon. Tap the + icon, enter your PIN (if applicable), and you’ll have access to a list of all your current widgets. Scroll through this list and tap the ones you wish to add your Nexus 5 lock screen.

Note: you add up to 5 different widgets on the Nexus 5 lock screen. To view different widgets, simply swipe from left to right, or vise-versa.

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