5 Cool Tricks For The Google Nexus 5

nexus-5If you’re still using the default factory settings on your Google Nexus 5 device, you’re missing out on tons of useful features. Google really went out of their way to make the Nexus 5 a versatile smartphone that’s capable of performing a wide variety of tasks. To help you get the most use and benefit from your device, we’ve compiled a list of 5 cool Nexus 5 tricks listed below.

#1) Move Widgets To Your Lock Screen

How would you like to see a widget on your Nexus 5 lock screen? Well, you can add widgets anywhere on your device, including the lock screen. With widgets enables, go to your lock screen and swipe your finger from left to right. Tap on the + icon to add new widgets here. You can place things like a calender, weather, email, apps, Google+, etc on the lock screen using this technique.

#2) Fast Camera

Another nifty little trick with the Google Nexus 5 is the fast camera. This allows users to take photos without unlocking their device. To launch the fast camera, place your finger over the camera icon on your Nexus 5 lock screen and swipe from left to right. When done correctly, it will bring up the camera interface.

#3) Unlock Using Your Face

We talk about this in more detail here, but Nexus 5 users can unlock their device using facial recognition technology by enabling Face Unlock. To enable this feature, go to Settings –> Security –> Screen Lock –> Face Unlock. Rather than entering your PIN number each time you wish to access your Google Nexus 5 smartphone, you can take a picture of yourself. Face Unlock checks to make sure it’s you in the photo before unlocking your device.

#4) Turn Your Nexus 5 Into a Pedometer

Thanks to the free-to-download app Moves by ProtoGeo, you can turn your Google Nexus 5 smartphone into a pedometer. There are dozens of so-called “smart fitness watches” available for sale that perform the very same thing. However, these fitness watches tend to cost $150-$200 bucks. Rather than dropping that kind of money on a basic pedometer, why not download the Moves app on your Nexus 5 smartphone?

#5) Find Businesses From The Dialer

The fifth and final trick we’re going to cover involves finding a business’s contact information directly from the Nexus 5 dialer. You can always find a business’s phone number and/or address by firing up the Chrome web browser, but an easier way is to use the dialer search box. With the phone dialer open on your Nexus 5, type the name of a business into the top box.

Do you currently use any of these features on your Google Nexus 5? Let us know in the comments section below!

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