How To Fix Speaker Problems With The Google Nexus 5

speaker-01There are relatively few problems associated with the Google Nexus 5. It’s a powerful smartphone that’s raised the bar for other manufacturers to follow. Like all next-gen smartphones, however, there are some minor quirks that some users may experience, one of which involves the speaker and volume. If you’re experiencing difficulty adjusting the volume of your Nexus 5 to a comfortable level, keep reading to learn some tips that may help.

Common Speaker Problems Reported By Google Nexus 5 Users

  • Rattling sound
  • Volume changing automatically
  •  Low speaker volume
  • Static noise coming from speaker

If you’re experiencing one or more of the previously mentioned speaker problems, you aren’t alone. Thousands of the Google Nexus 5 users have reported these problems, forcing Google to make some changes to their device.

Day One Google Nexus 5 Devices are More Prone To Speaker Problems

The original model of the Google Nexus 5 device is more susceptible to speaker and volume problems than the current model. This is due to the fact that the Google Nexus 5  was originally creates with small speaker holes along with a somewhat flimsy volume button. Thankfully, Google made some hardware changes to the second generation Nexus 5 to address these issues. The new Nexus 5 features a larger speaker and firmer volume controls.

Most owners have praised Google for making these improvements to the Nexus 5. The larger speaker holes allow the device to emit a louder sound. It’s not a huge improvement in terms of sound, but it’s just one more step to creating a higher quality of sound.

What If I Own a Day One Nexus 5 Device?

There’s still hope on the horizon for owners of the day one Google Nexus 5. First and foremost, it’s important to note that Nexus 5’s speakers are located on the bottom left side of the device. If you’re struggling to hear the audio coming from your Nexus 5, check to make sure the speakers aren’t blocked. Placing your Nexus 5 up against a wall or piece of furniture with the speakers facing an obstacle will naturally restrict its sound.

Updating your Nexus 5 to the latest Android version is another important step towards improving its sound quality. Google continues to tweak and improve their audio in new Android updates. Allowing your device to run on a dated version will limit the true potential of your Nexus 5 device.

How’s the audio on your Nexus 5? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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