5 Apps Well Worth Your (Free) Time For Google Nexus 5

From online gaming to streaming music

As a follow-up of sorts to our recent post on five cool tricks for the Google Nexus 5, we wanted to look into the Google Play app store to fine some interesting new apps that you may not be using just yet. And to make it clear outright, these five apps are destined to fill a specific void in your life: your free time. That goes for whether you’re looking to kill time during your morning/evening commute or simply searching for another way to enjoy your downtime. And who knows, maybe a few of these will end up playing a more major role in the remainder of your daily life.

#1 Stack Exchange

As a means of bringing their website’s wealth of content to the mobile world, Stack Exchange recently launched an app that aims to answer everything you need to know. Well, to an extent. Essentially, you can either ask a question or answer one if you’re knowledgeable to add more depth to their growing resource/reference community. Consider using this instead of simply searching on Google next time you can’t figuring something out on your own.

#2 Auralux

When it comes to mobile gaming, strategy-based apps are a dime a dozen. However, when they’re done right—and, more importantly, in a unique way—they’re more than just another game you play for a week and discard. Enter Auralux. Instead of emphasizing speed as a means of winning, the developers task players with using their wits and the best strategy they can think of.

#3 Betfair Casino

With mobile gaming on the rise, it’s become an ever-expanding community. That means everything from the aforementioned strategy apps to even online gambling are increasingly popular pastimes. The BetFair Casino provides users with the chance to bet (and win) actual money in a variety of games including blackjack and the highly popular Kitty Glitter (seriously!). As a bonus for Android owners, that’s the only OS that currently has these mobile games.

#4 Beats Music

Competition is reaching new levels in the streaming music community as a newcomer has approached. That’s Beats Music, an app that wants to be your be-all, end-all when it comes to playing music. They offer a free one-week trial, which will allow you to see if they really have what it takes to go up against Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, and the others. We’ll see, Beats.

#5 Small Fry

Back to the gaming realm, Small Fry is an equally adorable and addictive new game that looks easy but is anything but that. You may fire it up and think, “Oh, I’m just tapping the screen so this orange fish doesn’t hit the oncoming objects.” Sure, that’s the gist of it, but just wait until you reach the next level. Just a word of caution: You may get hooked (no pun!) on this one to the point where you are playing it outside of your free time. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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