Red Nexus 5 On the Horizon


Last month, we blogged about a rumor hinting towards the release of the Google Nexus 5 in several new colors. As most loyal Android users are well aware of, the Nexus 5 is currently available strictly in black or white. However, we now have additional evidence that Google will in fact be releasing the Nexus 5 in new colors, including a bright red.

Hints Suggesting a Red Nexus 5 Is On The Horizon

In our previous blog post, we published two different photo of multicolored Nexus 5 smartphones, one of which is a Red Nexus 5 taken from a Vietnamese publication. Although the publication didn’t reveal their source, they remained adamant that it was in fact an authentic photo. The somewhat blurry photo depicted the rear side of what appears to be a red Nexus 5.

There was also a photo published of the Google Play Store offering the Nexus 5 in several new colors, including the red. You can load the Play Store a million times without receiving these options, so it’s unclear where or how this photo originated. In any case, it’s just one more piece of evidence hinting towards the prospect of a red Nexus 5.

But Wait, There’s More…

Famed Twitter-based cell phone leaker evleaks recently published some more photos of a red Google Nexus 5 (see image above) with the following caption: “Google Nexus 5, in red, by LG.” Unlike the other red Nexus 5 photos circulating online, this one has a certain level of professionalism, leading some people to believe that it’s an official photo intended for use in press releases and media advertisements.

So, when can you expect to see the Red Nexus 5 available for sale? Retailers are hinting towards a release by the end of the week. No, that’s not a typo; there’s a good chance that Google will release their new fiery-red Nexus 5 by the end of the week. And when this time comes, we’ll be sure to bring you all of the latest details surrounding its release.

Note: all of the evidence currently available suggests the Google Nexus 5 WILL be available in a new fiery-red color within the next few months. If you’re holding out for another color, though, you might be out of luck. The original photo depicting the Nexus 5 color variations on the Play Store is likely a dud.

Would you purchase a red Nexus 5 to replace your current model? Let us know in the comments section below!

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