Rumor: Google Nexus 5 Available In New Colors

How would you like to own a fiery-red Google Nexus 5? Well, this dream might become a reality. Several sources have leaked information suggesting Mountain View plans to release the Nexus 5 in several bold new colors, including red (see image below).


Leaked photo of a fiery-red Google Nexus 5 smartphone.

This photo, released by a Vietnamese publication website, shows what appears to be a Google Nexus 5 smartphone in a new fiery-red color. Google currently offers the 16 and 32 GB versions in either black or white, so this is a huge development if it’s true. According to, the newly revamped Google Nexus 5 devices will go on sale sometime around February and March. didn’t reveal their source, so you should probably take this information with a grain of sale. I certainly wouldn’t go throwing my current Nexus 5 away without an official word from Google.

More Evidence Suggesting New Color Options For The Google Nexus 5


Google Play Store with several new Nexus 5 colors: photo credit Phone Arena.

Thankfully, we’re not relying strictly on the Vietnamese publication for this information. Earlier this week, Phone Area published a leaked slideshow depicting the Google Play Store with several different color options for the Nexus 5. As the user clicks on a new color, the Nexus 5 image changes to fit the color.

The tipster didn’t leave us much information, except for the video, which appears to show someone clicking on all of the possible color choices. Note how the image of the phone changes with each color option,” says Phone Arena. You can click on the link mentioned above to see the entire video along with commentary by Phone Area.

The new Play Store colors include purple, blue, dark green, yellow, orange, purple (another one?) and the usual black and white. It’s a nice collection of bold colors that will do the Nexus 5 justice, assuming they are real.

It certainly looks like a real screen cap from the Google Play Store, but again, there’s always the possibility of it being fake. states the colors in the video are “very dark,” which could indicate a fake. With that said, the video’s darkness could be the result of poor filming or quality loss through distortion. Besides, I’ve seen real videos that look much worse than this!

Which color would you like to see the Google Nexus 5 offered in? Let us know in the comments section below!

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