Google Experience Launcher Renamed To Google Now Launcher

When Google originally released the Nexus 5 smartphone in 2013, users were greeted with an entirely new launcher — named the Google Experience Launcher. Earlier this month, however, Google released a major update to the Google Search app which changed the launcher’s name to the Google Now Launcher. So, what does this mean for Nexus 5 users and the rest of the world? There are a few rumors circulating which provide some insight into this question.

What The Heck Is a Launcher?

Before go into Google’s decision to rename their launcher, let’s first talk about what exactly is a launcher. Basically, it’s the interface on a smartphone or tablet computer that displays the home screen icons and apps. When you fire up your Google Nexus 5, for instance, you’ll immediately be greeted with the launcher.

The original Google Experience Launcher was praised for its simplicity and horizontal swipe functions. What really made it stand out from previous versions, though, was the integration of Google Now on home screen. Nexus 5 users can swipe horizontally to access Google Now, which is something that users of previous Google Launch versions couldn’t do.


Google Now Launcher screenshots.

Thinking About Upgrading To The Google Now Launcher? Read This.

Once you download the latest version of the Google Search app and the Google Now launcher, you’ll be prompted to complete the launcher setup like you normally would for a new device. If you happen to blow through the setup, you could end up losing all of your shortcuts, app placements and any other customization you’ve made to your decide. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose your phone data, but your home screen will go back to the default appearance.

To prevent all of your settings and launcher customizations to be erased, you must select the option to import your previous launcher settings.

Why Did Google Rename Their Launcher?

According to a recent article published at, Google’s decision to rename their launcher indicates plans to release it across other Android devices. Currently, the Google Experience Launcher and Google Now Launcher are limited strictly to Nexus 5 users. With the Mountain View company rebranding it, though, we could see it on other Android smartphones and tablet computers in the months to follow.

How would you feel about the Google Now Launcher being used on other smartphones? Let us know in the comments section below!

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