Tips to Prevent Cracked Screens on The Nexus 5

Nexus 5 Cracked Display demonstration

Nexus 5 Cracked Display demonstration

There’s no faster way to ruin your day than by dropping and cracking the screen of your Nexus 5 smartphone. While the display is protected in Corning Gorilla Glass 3, it’s susceptible to cracks (unfortunately). The good news is that damage such as this can usually be avoided by following some simple steps, which we’re going to discuss further in this blog post.

Use a Protective Case

I know this probably sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised to learn just how many people use their Nexus 5 without a protective case. Sure, there are premium cases like the Otter Box and Life Force that cost $60-$100 bucks, but there are plenty of budget-friendly ones that work just as well, if not better. The bottom line is that you should invest in a protective case for your Nexus 5, one that preferably has a slight protrusion out from the display to prevent scratches and cracks.

Place it on a Flat Surface

When your Nexus 5 isn’t being used, try to get into the habit of pacing it on a flat, even surface to reduce the risk of it falling.

Use a Screen Protector

In addition to a protective case, you should also consider using a screen protector on your Nexus 5. This is basically a thin, yet durable, piece of plastic that’s attached to the screen, creating a barrier of protection between it and the outside world. You can purchase entire packs of them for just a couple bucks a piece, which is a small price to pay for the peace of mind knowing that your Nexus 5’s screen is safe from damage.

What Should I Do If My Screen is Cracked?

If your Nexus 5 already has a cracked screen, you should contact Google to see if they are willing to fix or replace it. If you purchased the handset through Google Play, and it’s still under warranty, they will likely fix it at no charge to you. Google has received praise among Nexus 5 users for coming to the rescue of their cracked screens. Now for the bad news: users who purchased their handset through a retailer won’t receive this same level of support — and you can expect most repair companies to charge upwards of $100 for a cracked screen fix.

Have you ever cracked the screen of your Nexus 5? Let us know in the comments section below!

Article Name
Tips to Prevent Cracked Screens on The Nexus 5
If you're not using some kind of protection for your Nexus 5, you might want to reconsider. Depending on when and where you purchased it, it may be under warranty if you end up with a cracked screen.

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