How To Fix Misbehaving Apps on The Nexus 5

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Having problems with one or more apps on your Nexus 5 device? Whether it’s closing un-expectantly, freezing, or just running slow, problems such as these can be a real nuisance. Before deleting the app, though, you should first try the solutions listed below to fix it.

Check For Android Updates

Many apps — especially the newer ones — are designed to work with the most recent version of Google’s Android operating system. If your Nexus 5 is running an outdated version of Android, that may cause some compatibility problems. Developers will sometimes fix these issues so the app works with all OS versions, but others won’t. To see if there’s a new version of Android available for your Nexus 5, go to Settings > About Device > Software Updates > Updates .

Check For App Updates

Just because you are experiencing a problem with a specific app doesn’t necessarily mean that the developer hasn’t already fixed it. There could be a newer version of the app available that you don’t know about. Fire up Google Play and go your purchase/download history. If there’s a new version available, the app should have an option to update. Go ahead and update to the new version and often that will fix issues.

Clear Cache

When was the last time you cleared the problematic app’s cache? The truth is that most people rarely, if ever, perform this task. Over time, however, apps will collect and store small amounts of data locally on your device. Normally, this doesn’t cause any problems, but there are times when it can lead to freezing, crashing, etc. To clear the cache, tap Settings > Device > Apps > scroll through until you find the app that’s causing problems, tap it and select “Clear Cache.” Within seconds, it will erase the temporary data stored on your device, which will often fix the problems you were experiencing.


As a last ditch effort you can try to reinstall the app. Delete the app by dragging it to the trash bin, reboot the phone, and go back to Google Play and re-download it. If the problem persists, you can try contacting the developer for assistance. Of course, this is really hit or miss considering that most app developers are unresponsive.

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How To Fix Misbehaving Apps on The Nexus 5
Are apps on your Nexus 5 acting up, freezing or closing? If so, you might need to update your Android OS or the apps causing the problems. Follow these steps to learn how to solve many of these problems.

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