Google Halts Production on The Nexus 5

nexus-01It was fun while it lasted, but the Nexus 5 may be coming to an end… October 31st marked the one-year anniversary of Google’s flagship smartphone, signaling a new era for the company’s upcoming Nexus 6 handset. So, does this mean Google will stop production on the Nexus 5?

After checking Google Play (U.S.), the only Nexus 5 in stock was the 16GB black version. The 32GB black, 16GB white, 32GB white, 16GB red, and 32GB red models were all listed as out of stock. Although there’s an annotation suggesting shoppers to check back soon, it’s unlikely that Google restock its supply of the Nexus 5.

Google reportedly told an XDA Forums member the following: “I inform you that we don’t offer new brand replacement as they aren’t available and won’t be produced any more.” Assuming this statement is true, this could be the final nail in the coffin for the Nexus 5. The forum member was attempting to find a replacement for his 32GB Nexus 5, and after sending an email to Google, he discovered that the Nexus 5 was no longer in production.

You might be wondering why Google would stop production on the Nexus 5. After all, its the Mountain View company’s best-selling smartphone ever, even more so than the Nexus 4. When something works, it’s usually best to let it run its course rather than stopping halfway through. From a business perspective, it’s probably a smart move for Google to end production on the Nexus 5. The Mountain View company unveiled the Nexus 5’s successor last month, the Nexus 6. To ensure the success of the upcoming Nexus 6, Google must free up resources and inventory space from other projects, including the Nexus 5.

But there’s still hope on the horizon if you want to get your hands on a Nexus 5. Even if Google halts production, numerous retailers, third-party vendors, and private sellers will offer them. I’ve seen numerous eBay listings selling the Nexus 5 for just $329, which is actually cheaper than the Google Play price. Amazon also has the Nexus 5 listed, although at a slightly higher price.

Of course, you can still buy the Nexus 5 through Google Play. While the red and white models are sold out, the 16GB black model remains available. And since the Nexus 5 features a Micro SD slot, there’s really no point in spending $50 for an extra 16GB of storage

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