Google Nexus 6 Concept Design Hints To Metal Frame


Google Nexus 6 concept image by Aleksandar Tešić.

The battle between the smartphone manufacturers is heating up, with HTC having recently released the M8 and Samsung releasing the Galaxy S5. These are undeniably two of the hottest smartphones on the market, scoring at the top of the list on a battery of various benchmark tests. As we edge closer and closer to the release of a new Google Nexus smartphone, however, many people are wondering what the Mountain View company has planned for its highly coveted flagship smartphone.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any official details or information regarding the Google Nexus 6. They’ve done a superb job at keeping their lips sealed, forcing us to speculate as to what new features they will include. With that said, you can look back at the previous Nexus models to see that Google is consistent with their release dates. Each year, Google released a new Nexus smartphone, typically around October/November (right before the holidays). If Google follows this same trend, which many people believe they will, we’ll likely see the Nexus 6 available for sale in Q4 2014.

Well one designer isn’t afraid to share his concept of the Google Nexus 6. Aleksandar Tešić recently published a concept design of the upcoming device (see image above), including a stylishly sleek all-metal body. The all-metal body isn’t a new concept by any means, but it’s still something that most smartphone manufacturers try to avoid. A metal body would certainly raise the cost of the device — something that we’ve seen in the Apple iPhone 5S — but at the same time it would provide a brilliant look that’s simply not found in plastic materials.

If you study Aleksandar Tešić’s concept image of the Google Nexus 6 a little bit closer, you’ll notice another distinguishable difference between this model and the Nexus 5: the manufacturer. As most users already know, the Nexus 5 is manufactured by Life’s Good (LG), but this concept design depicts HTC as the manufacturer for the Nexus 6. The Nexus 6 concept image even features a slim, rounded body that’s similar to the HTC One M8.

Would HTC be a better for the Nexus 6 than LG? We really don’t know since Google has stuck with LG in the past, but if you look at the success of the HTC One, it’s clear to see why Aleksandar Tešić chose them for his concept image of the Nexus 6.

What features would you like to see in the Google Nexus 6?

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