LG Rumored To Build The 2015 Nexus 5

lg-0123If you keep up with our blog, you’re probably well aware of the rumors about a new Nexus 5. The Nexus 5 was arguably one of Google’s most successful smartphones of all time, blowing sales predictions out of the water. Of course, there’s good reason for its popularity: the Nexus 5 was fast, efficient, ran a clean version of Android, and it sold for just $349 without a contract. But new rumors have emerged suggesting that Google is planning to bring the device back with a new 2015 model.

So, who is going to produce the new 2015 Nexus 5? While Google has yet to reveal this information, or even confirm the handset’s existence, rumors suggest that it’s LG who will be building the device. This would be a smart move considering the fact that LG built the original 2013-2014 Nexus 5. If Google wants to achieve the same success with the 2015 Nexus 5 as it did with the original Nexus 5, it’s best chance is to strike a production deal with LG.

The Nexus 6 has received mostly positive comments among users and critics, but it ultimately lacks the charisma of its predecessor. And in case you were wondering, Motorola is the company responsible for producing the Nexus 6, not LG.

According to a report published by KnowYourMobile.com, a team of Google executives recently traveled to LG’s headquarters in South Korea to inspect “divisions” within the company. Does that mean LG will take the lead on the 2015 Nexus 5? We really don’t know the answer to this question, but there has to be some reason why Google invested its time, money and resources to visit the company’s headquarters in South Korea.

KnowYourMobile.com also pointed out that LG is “one of the most innovative” smartphone makers in the world, coming in a close second behind Samsung.

“LG is also one of the most innovative handset makers on the planet next to Samsung. The company invests billions in its display, chipset and camera divisions. The company itself has done a complete 180º in the eyes of consumers too, going from rank outsider (circa-2011 to 2012) to one of the most respect and lusted after brands in tech,” wrote KnowYourMobile.com.

What kind of features do you hope to see in the 2015 edition Nexus 5? Let us know in the comments section below!

Article Name
LG Rumored To Build The 2015 Nexus 5
While Google has yet to confirm if there will be a 2015 Nexus 5, rumors suggest that it's LG who will be building the device. LG built the original Nexus 5, and it was a widely successful phone for Google. Motorola built the Nexus 6, and many feel it doesn't compare to the Nexus 5.

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