Old vs New Nexus 5: Here’s What We Know

nexus5-lion-01If you keep up with our blog here TheNexus5.com, you’re probably well aware of the rumors circulating about a new Nexus 5. While Google has yet to confirm or deny its existence, several credible sources say the Mountain View company is in fact planning to revive its highly popular Nexus 5 smartphone. So, how will this new device perform in the face of its predecessor?


The original 2013-2014 edition Nexus 5 boasted a 4.95-inch display, which was well received by most users. It wasn’t too big, nor was it too small. Since its release, however, there’s been a growing trend towards the use of larger and more prominent displays, such as the Nexus 6 with its massive 5.95-inch display — 20% larger than the original Nexus 5. According to a report published by the Internal Business Times, the new 2015 edition Nexus 5 will feature a slightly larger 5.5-inch display.


Now let’s talk about what really matters in a new smartphone: the processor. The original Nexus 5 boasted a quad-core Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800, offering more than enough power to perform just about any task you needed. A similar report published by the IBT, however, suggests that Google will use an even better chipset in the new Nexus 5. According to the report, the 2015 edition Nexus 5 will feature a 64-bit, quad-core Snapdragon 808 processor.

Operating System

The Nexus 5 was originally launched with Google’s Android KitKat operating system, although it’s since been updated to Lollipop. We can only speculate as to what version of Android Google will include in its upcoming 2015 edition Nexus 5, but it’s probably Lollipop. New devices featuring KitKat or older versions of Android are rare, and Google is slowly shifting its focus towards Lollipop.


In terms of memory, the original Nexus 5 contained 2GB of random access memory (RAM). The new Nexus 5 will likely have either 3 or 4GB of RAM.


Don’t get me wrong, the Nexus 5 was — and still is — an incredibly powerful device that’s loaded with features. However, one of the most common complaints reported by users was its camera. The Nexus 5’s 8-megapixel camera wasn’t the best, but it appears Google will fix this issue in its new Nexus 5. The 2015 Nexus 5 is rumored to sport a 16-megapixel primary camera with Optical Image Stabilization, as well as a 8-megapixel secondary camera.

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Article Name
Old vs New Nexus 5: Here's What We Know
Several credible sources say the Mountain View company is planning to revive its highly popular Nexus 5 smartphone. Size, processor, operating system, camera and memory may all see some improvement over the original Nexus 5.

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