Retailer SKU Confirms Nexus 5 – Coming to Sprint?

Are you a Nexus fan? Are you getting tired of all the leaks and rumors about the Nexus 5 and wishing Google or LG would get on with the show already?

One has to wonder why Google or LG has not announced the upcoming Nexus 5 yet, what with combining the fact that all the leaks are obviously of the Nexus with the fact that they seem to have been leaked on purpose to drum up a response from the fans.

Even Big box retailers have the Nexus SKUs in their systems already – a black Nexus 5 and a White Nexus 5 – and there’s a photo of the system to prove it too.

Yes, the Nexus 5 Does Exist

Nexus 5 white on system

Credit @EVLeaks

Well, while we can’t say when the announcement is going to come for sure, we can tell you that the device does exist – and a big thank you to @EVLeaks for the confirmation of sorts. According to @EVLeaks, not only is the Nexus 5 coming soon, but there’s going to be Nexus 5 on Sprint – though that news is apparently slightly older.

In any case, somehow, @EVLeaks always manages to get their hands on some of the most awesome information. This time, they somehow got their hands on a photo of a retailer’s computer system proving that the Nexus 5 exists – in both white and black.

Whether you believe that Google or LG are the companies that leaked the device, it’s obvious that the Nexus 5 will be available. It is just a matter of when exactly it will be released. At this point, the latest release date rumors are still saying that the Nexus 5 will be announced officially on November 1, which is two days away, though there is still a possibility that Google could announce the device tomorrow – Halloween.

That was the originally rumored release date, though no one could really agree as to whether it would happen then or not.

In any case, while it is possible that announcement will come tomorrow, it is more likely to come on Friday instead – this way no one has to miss Halloween waiting for the announcement, and everyone can go shopping over the weekend for the device.

Google has No Announcement Plans Yet

Though it has become quite clear that Google has no intention of making an official announcement about the up and coming Nexus 5 smartphone until the very last minute that they can, it’s also obvious that Nexus fans are starting to feel extreme frustration, and taken advantage of.

Just looking at the comments left on various media outlets’ stories about the Nexus 5 you can see how frustrated they are – some are saying that if the Nexus 5 does not come soon, they will go buy an iPhone instead of waiting any longer.

Though we don’t think anyone would actually go out and pay double for a device (the iPhone) that offers only half the features that the Nexus 5 will have when it is we understand the frustration they are expressing, and must agree with them. Why wait so long to announce a device obviously exists?

Why not open for pre-orders, or at least put up an information page like Google did for Kit-Kat?

Why do you think Google has been waiting to release the Nexus 5? Let us know in the comments below!

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