How To Block a Number on The Nexus 5

killswitch-01Whether it’s a telemarketer who won’t stop calling or an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend who won’t leave you alone, you’ll probably find yourself needing to block a phone number on your Nexus 5 at some point. If you browse through your device’s settings, you won’t come across a call-block option (unfortunately). However, there are a few available solutions for blocking a number.

The first option is to block all picture and text messages from the user. The Nexus 5 may lack a built-in call block option, but it has an option for blocking all SMS/MMS messages from a particular number. So if the user you wish to block is sending you messages, you can block his or her number within your Nexus 5. This is done by accessing Home > Hangouts > tap the conversation of the user > Menu >  People & options > Block [contact’s name] > Block. Again, this isn’t going to prevent the user from calling you, but it will stop him or her from sending SMS/MMS messages. If you wish to unblock messages from sent from this user, simply repeat the steps and choose “Unblock” at the end.

A second option is to place the user on a straight-to-voicemail list. As the name suggests, this forwards all calls made the user straight to your voicemail. The user will still be able to call you; however, he or she will only be able to leave a voicemail. I guess you could say this is a workaround for blocking numbers on the Nexus 5, as it doesn’t necessarily block them but serves a similar purpose. To send all calls from a user to voicemail, add the user to your contacts list > tap the menu button > and select all calls to voicemail. To reverse these changes, go back into your contacts list and repeat these steps.

A third option is to download and install a call block app. Searching for the keyword “call block” on Google Play will yield dozens of apps, both free and paid. Be warned, though, many of these so-called free apps are riddled with advertisements and in-app purchases. Do your homework before downloading a call block app to determine whether or not it’s the right choice for you. It may be worth the money to spend a couple bucks on a premium call block app just so don’t have to deal with advertisements.

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