How To Encrypt Your Google Nexus 5

g5enHow much personal information is stored on your smartphone? With text messages, picture messages, social media accounts, contacts, email logins and more all readily available, the average user’s smartphone is a gold mine for crooks and thieves. If your device happens to get lost or stolen, this information could fall into the wrong hands. Thankfully, Google allows Nexus 5 users to encrypt their device’s data to prevent against privacy intrusions such as this.

Why Should I Encrypt My Nexus 5?

Encrypting the data on your Nexus 5 will protect it against prying eyes in the event that it’s lost or stolen. The data will still remain on the phone (unless you erase it remotely), but a thief won’t be able to access the encrypted data without first entering your PIN number. Assuming you already have screen lock enabled on your Nexus 5, this PIN number will be the same.

Encryption provides additional protection in case your device is stolen and may be required or recommended in some organizations. Consult your system administrator before turning it on. In many cases, the PIN or password you set for encryption is controlled by the system administrator,” wrote Google on its help website.

Steps To Encrypting Your Nexus 5

Before you can encrypt your Nexus  5’s data, you must first prepare the device. Go ahead and set up a screen lock PIN/password by accessing Settings > Personal > Security > Screen Security > Screen Lock. Next, plug in your Nexus 5 to a nearby wall outlet and wait for the battery to charge to a minimum of 80%.  Be warned, the encryption process takes about an hour, so make yourself comfortable.

When your Nexus 5 is finished charging, leave it plugged into the outlet and tap Settings  > Personal > Security > Encryption > Encrypt tablet or Encrypt phone. You will then be prompted to enter your PIN/password. After entering the PIN, select Continue and Encrypt phone to proceed with the encryption. You will see a progress bar displayed on your Nexus 5 while the data is being encrypted. Depending on how much data is stored on your device, the process may take as little as 20 minutes, or it may take well over an hour.

If you’re unable to select the Encrypt phone, check to make sure your Nexus  5 is charged and plugged into the wall outlet. This option is automatically dimmed if either of these two conditions are not met.

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