Flyme OS Now Available For Google Nexus 5

n5flckrTired of looking at the same Android-based user interface each time you power up your Google Nexus 5? According to XDA Developers, you can install the Flyme OS on the Nexus 5 to give it a new look and feel. It’s a somewhat technical process that requires a bit of modding, but there’s a guide published here which walks you through the steps.

So, what in the world is the Flyme operating system and why would you want to install it on the Nexus 5? Flyme is a heavily modified version of the Android operating system. Developed exclusively by Meizu, it’s meant for the company’s flagship smartphone, the MX4. Flyme is a beautiful yet simple OS with a focus on minimalist designs and basic color schemes. But don’t let that fool you into thinking its sub-par, as Flyme is incredibly fast, intuitive and powerful.

The actual Flyme ROM is built using the CyanogenMod; however, it’s completely remade and bears no resemblance to its parent theme. Meizu designed Flyme to be entirely unique, featuring its own set of applications and functions. This uniqueness combined with its exceptional performance make it a preferred OS for many smartphone users.

To install the Flyme OS on your Nexus 5, you must first download the ROM and gapp superuser. Next, you must reboot your Nexus 5 to recovery mode and flash the ROM zip. Rebooting your device will allow you to finish the setup process. Once you’ve flashed the ROM zip, you’ll need to reboot your Nexus 5 to recovery again, but this time you’ll need to flash the gapp and superuser. Rebooting your device will finish the setup process, at which point you should have a fully functional version of the Flyme OS running on your Nexus 5.

For complete details on how to install and use the Flyme OS on the Nexus 5, visit

If you thought that Flyme OS was available only on Meizu devices, you are incorrect. XDA Forum Member Vpabc ported the Android variant to the Google Nexus 5. The ROM itself is based on CyanogenMod 11, but the user experience is totally different from any other AOSP-based ROM. Flyme OS has its own set of applications and functions developed by Meizu, so you can’t compare this OS to practically anything else available,” wrote XDA Developers in a description of the Flyme operating system.

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