Ting Now Offering The Google Nexus 5

ting-01A few months ago, cell carrier Ting began to support the Google Nexus 5. Customers who purchased the device from Google Play (or any other store) could activate it on the Ting network. Being that the Nexus 5 is one of the hottest smartphones available, this move opened up a whole new market for the cell carrier. Now, however, they’ve gone one step further by selling the Google Nexus 5.

What Is Ting?

Ting is a U.S.-based cell carrier that operates on the Sprint network. According to the company’s official website, the average monthly cost per device on their network is $21, which is heck of lot cheaper than most other carriers. If you’re tired of paying an outrageous amount just to keep your Google Nexus 5 in service, perhaps you should check out Ting. Just because they are a relatively new cell carrier doesn’t necessarily mean they are a bad choice.

Google Nexus on Ting

You might be surprised to learn that Ting does not recommend purchasing the Google Nexus 5 through their stores. Instead, they advise customers to purchase the device through Google Play and add Ting SIM card ($10). You might be wondering why in the world any company would tell their customers to purchase product elsewhere. Well, the Nexus 5 is about a hundred bucks cheaper through Google Play.

Ting made a post about the Google Nexus 5 on their blog, stating the following:

Starting today, Ting is now selling the Nexus 5. But, please, for the dear sweet love of Google, don’t buy it from us. Instead, just get a $10 Ting SIM card (now in stock!) and go buy your Nexus 5 in red, black, or white from Google Play. You’ll save $95 bucks right off the bat (and likely a lot more by switching to Ting).

Nexus 5 Red for TingHonest to goodness truth: the price we are selling the Nexus 5 at is below our cost, and we still can’t even come close to matching the awesome $349 deal that you can get buying directly from Google with no contract.”

The bottom line is that Ting is a affordable cell carrier with a large network, but you should purchase the Nexus 5 through Google Play if you wish to use them. Doing so can put an extra Benjamin in your wallet, and that’s something we can all use in today’s tough economic times!

Are you a Ting customer? We’d love to hear your story in the comments section below!

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